We're Home Haunters too! Striving to make Haunts unique & different!

We're Home Haunters too! Striving to make Haunts unique & different!

Evil Cage

 THIS is a GREAT way to top off decorating.  This handmade /crafted EVIL CAGE is made out of wood, cording and piping.  The design allows for opening Cage to insert your favorite Halloween Head or Artifact;  then the Cage can be closed for displaying.

We're Home Haunters too! Striving to make Haunts unique & different!

Halloween Props - USA Built  'Create you own HAUNT'

  We are Home Haunters, like you, who have found that many of the products currently on the market are either too costly, too complicated, too cheaply made. We are dedicated to providing products that are durable, affordable, easy to use, and can save you a lot of time. 

All our custom props are hand-crafted in our Cincinnati, Ohio facility.  Each prop is assembled and performance tested prior to shipping.  Because our props are hand-crafted, there may be slight differences in each but these differences will not impact either the use of durability of the products.

Each prop will require some assembly. a detailed instruction sheet will accompany each prop.


Hand-Crafted wooden body frames:"you dress 'em, change 'em" all year long. Use in your own 'HAUNT'or dress 'em for Santa, Easter Bunny, even Uncle Sam, ETC...

Coffin Brackets

Make your own toe-pincher wooden coffin with easy to use Coffin Brackets


Unpainted for you to personalize for the perfect Halloween photo spot!

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