Body Frames -- Wooden, Hand-crafted

Our BODY FRAME Makes Every Haunt Spook-tacular


No haunt is complete without at least one creepy character lurking somewhere ready to startle the unsuspecting. Our body frames are perfect for this situation!

BODY FRAMES are full size sturdy wooden human forms that can be dressed in regular adult clothing or costumes and posed in a variety of positions. They stand approximately 5’2″ tall and have a 34″ waist with an 8.5 adult shoe size. The shoulders, arms, legs, waist and feet can be easily moved and positioned. BODY FRAMES are free standing but should be pegged outside due to wind and uneven terrain. Best of all, you can change theme year after year, by changing clothing and accessories!

BODY FRAMES fold up for storage with the removal of two bolts.

COST    $70.00

Giant Body Frame

You've seen our Hand-crafted Body Frame -- now you can INCREASE your Favorite Scary  Creature's size. Ask or call about THIS Item!!!

These have the same dependable features of our regular size Body Frame, Body Frames are wooden human forms that can be dressed in clothing or costume and posed in various positions. 

The theme can be changed all year long.  Body Frames are free standing but should be pegged outside due to wind and uneven terrain. 

price $100.  wooden frame  these are special order -- contact US  "reference special order" 

shipping/handling $25.00


wears XXl clothing'

shoe size 13 +