Toe-Pincher Coffin Bracket Kit

These Toe-Pincher Coffin Kit BRACKETS MAKE IT EASY TO BUILD YOUR OWN DURABLE COFFIN PROP. No Angles to worry about!  Brackets accommodate a standard 12\"x 3/4\" board available at any home improvement stores. Simply flush cut the boards to the appropriate length, insert into brackets, insert screws and tighten. Assemble the back board if you like or use without back! (Tip-a dark curtain can be used to allow many creatures to enter and exit). Stores easily by removing the screws and boards from the brackets 

The Best Prop Toe-Pincher Coffin currently on the market.

  • Easy set up and break down for storage -- 6 wooden brackets, screws included, and instruction sheet.

  • Corner TOE-PINCHER COFFIN KIT Brackets are pre-cut and pre-drilled allowing for easy assembly

  • After assembly -- you will have a heavy duty TOE-PINCHER STYLE Coffin that is sure to provide years of haunt FUN!

  • Cost $75.00